Black is Beautiful?

Society loves the beautiful.

Indeed, research has shown that those who do not conform

to mainstream ideas of what is beautiful can experience fewer

employment opportunities, fewer career progression opportunities,

low self esteem, social isolation and even poor academic results.

There are certain groups of people who naturally fall outside of

mainstream values of beauty and style: the elderly, disabled, larger

people and certain ethnic groups.

African heritage (black) people form one of these groups.

Since slavery and colonialism black people have been categorised as

ugly. Skin too dark, hair too nappy, body too big.

Is it that black people are ugly or that mainstream values need to

change? If we believe that values need to change, how could this be


In questioning these values, it is important that members of the

affected community have their say.

To this end you are invited to a workshop/discussion on issues around

‘black is beautiful?’


Jalgos Sports and Social club Rose Street, Preston. PR1 3XY.

Thursday 28th March 2019 @ 7.30pm

light refreshments will be provided

The outcome of this event will form part of the basis for a reseach

project to be developed by UClan in partnership with members of

the community.

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