Empire Pays Back, Lecture and Film Screening: Dr Robert Beckford

Empire Pays Back

Lecture and film screening: Dr. Robert Beckford


Wednesday 26th October, 7.00pm

Dr Robert Beckford is an educator, author and award-winning broadcaster in the field of religion, culture and politics.  A firm believer in teaching for social change, Dr. Beckford has retained a commitment to teaching outside of traditional contexts.  In his film ‘Empire Pays Back’, Dr Beckford believes that Britain should pay reparations to the descendents of slaves, and hires a team of experts to put a monetary figure on the amount owing.


Venue: University of Salford, Lady Hale Lecture Theatre, Lady Hale Building, Peel Campus, M5 4WT

Admission: Free


For a more information and to book tickets:


T: 0161 295 9003   E: blackhistorymonth@salford.ac.uk

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