Spectrum Carnival Troupe show their appreciation of Philip Duncan aka ‘the Boss’ with an afternoon of Carnival Arts and Dance.

Spectrum Carnival Troupe was started by Philip over ten years ago and was his great joy and passion in life. He encouraged participation in Preston Caribbean Carnival and many other carnivals throughout the north of England, leading his troupe with dedication, commitment and an impish sense of fun.

Sadly, in recent years Philips health has made it impossible for him to continue in his role as Spectrum’s Troupe Leader. His legacy to the troupe has been carried forward by Lisa Hopkins with help from other Spectrum committee members, Shirley, Rhianne and Kirsty. The troupe is going from strength to strength with Philip as their guiding light.

This May the troupe gave Philip and the other residents of Banksfield House an afternoon filled with the fun, colour and music that Philip loves so much. It was a Carnival in miniature on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon.

The Troupe members have been practising their dance routines to perfection and they delighted Philip with their skills and enthusiasm. He joined them and Carnival Costume artist, Nadine Knight in dancing to the infectious tunes the troupe will be sharing at Preston Caribbean Carnival on 25th June 2017.

Don’t miss it – if the ‘Boss Man’ can be there he’ll be dancing with his troupe as always!

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