Toppling Statues

Toppling statues and renaming buildings | The Black Lives Matter Movement and the history of slavery

Thursday 15 October | 2.15pm to 3.00pm

In honour of Black History Month, Liverpool John Moores University will be hosting a live lecture focusing on Black Lives Matter Movement both in the US and UK and the impact this had in Liverpool.

The Black Lives Matter movement has, in recent months, led to a resurgence of discussion around Britain’s involvement in the Transatlantic slave trade and how this should be remembered. Events in the UK (such as the toppling of Colston’s statue in Bristol, and calls to rename streets in Liverpool) have generally mirrored those in the United States, where there has been a widespread removal of monuments to people with links to slavery.

Speaker: Andrea Livesey is a lecturer in slavery and US history at LJMU.  She has published on slavery in the United States and has provided commentary for BBC radio, the Guardian, and other media outlets on the memory of slavery in the UK and the US.  

Details: Thursday 15 October 2:15-3pm via ZOOM. Targeted at pupils in Years 10-13. If this is not relevant to your subject area , please feel free to direct to colleagues in your History department.

To register for this event please email

Alternatively, if you are unable to join us live and would like to receive a copy of the recording, please email us at the address above.

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