Wisdom Shared: Relearning the Past Together at the Harris in Preston: Oct 2020 – August 2021

Artist Bernie Velvick has been a member of Preston Black History Group since before it became a constituted group. The opportunity to create the Wisdom Shared artwork trail at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery in Preston in collaboration with the other members of the group has been an ideal way for us to celebrate our tenth anniversary and to reflect on the journeys we have made, both individually and together, to explore our shared history.

The full texts of everyones contributions and a video with Joseph and Bernie talking about the project is here on the Harris website https://www.theharris.org.uk/product/preston-black-history-group-wisdom-shared-trail/

In the artworks our group members words are in conversation with the Harris collections, the building, and the City of Preston through the gallery windows. The Harris have changed their labels in the displays about ‘Cotton’ and ceramics to widen the narratives and to include references to the cotton and sugar trades and the enslaved people whose contribution has been left out until now.

The Harris will be open to the public in May 2021 so you can visit our trail.

Here’s a preview.

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